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Raspberry Pi HQ Audio Player

Get good quality analog audio from your Raspberry Pi for cheap.

The analog audio out from Raspberry Pi produces a really poor sound quality. So if you want to use your Pi as an audio player you need a sound card. It can be a USB or I2C. For plug’n’play there’s Hifi Berry, pHAT DAC and several others.

If you’re too cheap for a DAC HAT, you can get your hands on a PCM5102A chip from your not so local Chinese electronics supplier of choice for $5. Wire or solder it to your Raspberry Pi and enjoy quite good sound quality from your Pi.

Connect the DAC to the Pi like so:

PCM5102a Raspberry Pi Notes
VCC Pin 2
3V3 10kOhm resistor -> XMT
GND Pin 6
BCK Pin 12
DIN Pin 40
LCK Pin 35
XMT 10kOhm resistor -> 3V3

End result

Raspberry Pi Zero W + PCM5102A + Volumio

Pi and DAC

Credits: Björns techblog